The History Of Discontinued Cricut Cutting Machines

by Viktoria Volk

How did the first Cricut Machine Look and when was it released?

Cricut is one of the most popular cutting machines on the market, and it has been around for over 20 years. With many companies coming and going from the machine industry, it's sometimes hard to keep track of! So here's a brief history of discontinued Cricut cutting machines so that you can see how far this company has come since its humble beginnings.

The first Cricut machine, released in 2003, was chunky and had a lot of buttons. Back then, Cricut was also known as Provo Craft. The only way to use designs in a project was by purchasing cartridges with a library of files on them.

Today, cutting machines can be used for almost anything, from making vinyl decals, iron on transfers, fabric and sewing projects, and even wood cutting. You can upload designs to your Cricut using SVG and PNG files!

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Cricut Create: The machine that started it all!

Release: December 21, 2003

Cricut Create first ever cutting machine, released in 2003


Cricut Personal

Release: January 2005

The tech improved, as well as the blade with a new 8-way rotation.

Cricut Personal, cutting machine, released in 2005



Cricut Expression

Release: February 28, 2010

Cutting size improved to 12 x 24 inch cutting ability as well as a wider range of materials.


Cricut Expression, cutting machine, released in 2010


Cricut Cake Machine

Part of the Martha Stewart Range

Release: April 14, 2010

This machine was used for decorating cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. It could cut fondant, frosting sheets, gun paste and more. The machine didn’t take off because people cut icing by hand. Nevertheless, it was one of a kind.

Cricut Cake Machine, frosting cutter, released in 2010 


Cricut Imagine

Release: Summer 2010

The first and only cutting machine in existence that could print and cut as well. Due to a lot of issues with the machine, Cricut decided to discontinue it and pursue cutting machines only.


Cricut Imagine, cutting machine, released in 2010


Cricut Expression 2

Release: September 26, 2011

Improvement with image manipulation, resizing, rotation, flipping and mirroring. 200+ pre-loaded designs (fonts, images. Saying, etc.) Introducing Cricut Craft Room for more images.

Cricut Expression 2,cutting machine, released in 2011


Cricut Mini

Release: 2012

A small version of the regular cutting machine.

Cricut mini, cutting machine, released in 2012


Cricut Explore One

Release: 2015

Better integration with home computers and much easier to use. Integration of Bluetooth.

Discontinued Cricut cutting machines are, as the name suggests, cutting machines that have been discontinued by the brand, either because they were too old, or because of poor sales. Most customers didn’t want these machines and instead opted for newer models like the Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore. However, many of the discontinued models still perform very well even today (if they still work) and can be bought at a bargain price on eBay or Amazon.

Cricut Explore 2, cutting machine, released in 2015


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