The ACTUAL Way to Make Your Old Cutting Mat Clean and Sticky!

May 29, 2023by Viktoria Volk
An image showcasing a set of clean and sticky cutting mats. The mats are neatly arranged, showing their pristine surfaces with a visible layer of tack-it adhesive. The sticky surface provides an optimal grip for various crafting materials, ensuring precise and effortless cuts. The mats appear refreshed and ready for creative projects

How to ACTUALLY Clean Your Cutting Mat

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Have you ever wondered how to restore the stickiness of your old cutting mat? There are countless videos and tutorials out there claiming to have the solution, but most of them miss a crucial step. In this blog post, we will debunk the common misconceptions and reveal the real method to bring back the stickiness to your beloved cutting mat. Get ready to learn the 7 easy steps that will make your mat as good as new!
Cutting mats are essential accessories for precision cutting with machines like Cricut, Silhouette, and Brother. These mats provide a stable surface for holding materials in place during the cutting process, ensuring accurate and clean cuts every time. Each company offers a range of cutting mats with unique features and specifications to cater to various crafting needs.



Cricut Cutting Mats

Cricut, a renowned name in the crafting world, offers a diverse selection of cutting mats. Their standard grip mat is perfect for a wide range of materials, including cardstock, vinyl, and iron-on. For delicate or lightweight materials like vellum and tissue paper, Cricut's light grip mat provides just the right amount of adhesion. Additionally, their strong grip mat is designed for heavyweight materials like thick cardstock and fabric with a strong hold to prevent shifting during cutting.

Silhouette Cutting Mats

Silhouette, another popular brand, offers cutting mats designed specifically for their machines. The standard adhesive mat is suitable for a variety of materials and is a go-to for many crafters. They also offer a light hold mat for delicate materials and a strong hold mat for thicker materials. Silhouette's PixScan mat allows you to use your smartphone to capture images and then precisely cut around them, opening up a whole new world of creative possibilities.


Brother Cutting Mats


Brother, known for their quality cutting machines, provides cutting mats that are compatible with their models. Their standard tack adhesive mat is ideal for holding materials securely during the cutting process. Brother also offers a low tack adhesive mat for more delicate materials and a high tack adhesive mat for thicker and heavier materials.



Amazon Cutting Mats


On Amazon, you can find cutting mats from brands like Sizzix, Vegcoo, Workilion, and many more. These mats often come in different sizes, adhesive strengths, and materials to suit different crafting needs. Crafters can explore a multitude of options and read customer reviews to find the cutting mat that best fits their requirements.

So, if you're looking to expand your options and explore different cutting mat choices, Amazon is a fantastic resource. Take advantage of the variety of brands available and find the perfect cutting mat that suits your crafting needs and preferences. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned crafter, the availability of cutting mats from multiple brands ensures that there is something for everyone.



Tools & Materials You'll Need

Project Duration: 38 min
Cutting mat
Window cleaning spray or other gentle cleaner
Soft-bristle brush or sponge
Tack-It glue


    Step-by-Step Instructions

    Step 1: Prepare Your Workspace
    To begin, place your cutting mat on a towel to protect your work surface. This will ensure that any mess or residue is contained and doesn't spread to other areas.
    Step 2: Apply Cleaning Solution
    Grab a can of window cleaning spray or any suitable cleaning product designed for removing grime and residue. Spray a generous amount of the cleaning solution onto the cutting mat, ensuring that it covers the entire surface.

    Step 3: Remove Gunk with a Scraper and Sponge

    Take a scraper and gently scrape away any accumulated gunk, debris, or leftover adhesive on the mat. Follow up by using a sponge to wipe away the loosened particles. This step will help restore the cleanliness of your mat.

    Step 4: Allow the Mat to Dry

    After the thorough cleaning, let the mat air dry for approximately 10 minutes. This will ensure that it is completely free from moisture before moving on to the next crucial step.

    Step 5: Apply Tack-It

    Here comes the game-changer! Take a paper towel and spread a layer of Tack-It adhesive onto the cutting mat. Be sure to cover the entire surface evenly. Tack-It is a specialized glue that provides a sticky surface for your materials to adhere to.

    Step 6: Let the Glue Dry

    Allow the tack-it adhesive to dry for about 10 minutes. During this time, it will transform into a sticky layer, enhancing the grip of your cutting mat. For those seeking an even stronger hold, consider applying a second layer of Tack-It and extending the drying time by 15 minutes.

    Pro Tip: Optimize Your Time

    If you have multiple mats to clean, consider cleaning them in a single session to save time. By following this method, you can streamline the process and make your mats sticky again efficiently.



    Forget about the ineffective methods you may have come across. The key to restoring the stickiness of your old cutting mat lies in these seven simple steps. By combining proper cleaning, drying, and the application of tack-it adhesive, your cutting mat will be as good as new, ready to tackle your creative projects with a strong grip. So, gather your tools and materials, follow these instructions, and enjoy the satisfaction of reviving your beloved cutting mat in under 40 minutes.
    Happy crafting!