10 Lies You've Been Told About Cutting Machines

Aug 22, 2022by Viktoria Volk

10 lies you've been told about cutting machines like cricut, silhouette and brother scan n' cut. How many did you hear before?

10 Lies You've Been Told About Cutting Machines

There are misunderstanding about cutting devices like Cricut, Silhouette, Brother Scan n' Cut, that we're here to dispel.
  • Is it hard to use?
  • Do I need a computer or an iPad?
  • Do I need internet?
  • What can it cut?

Here's what you should know.

Some common misconceptions regarding cutting machines:

1: Special Pens Are Required.

You may spend a little extra on branded pens made especially for your Cricut maker. Alternatively, you may use an existing pen or marker. A simple adaptor may be purchased that enables you to utilize any writing implement up to 12 inches in diameter, including Crayola marker, Sharpie pointed pens and marker pens, gel or ballpoint pens. Do you prefer doing things yourself? (Obviously, you do!) Build your own adaptor using two simple crafts supplies by following these instructions.

2: Mats Are Short-Lived.

Cutting mats, like anything else, require some tender love and care. When your mat isn't in use, keep the protective sheet on it to keep pet hair and dust off of it. Also, remember to wash your mat after every use. A lint roller can aid in the removal of tenacious particles such as glitter or thread. You could also use a baby wipe that isn't alcoholic. Replace the plastic cover after rubbing in a circular motion.

3: The Fonts And Visuals In The Supplied Software Are Limited.

This is among the best strategies to save money when it refers to operating your cutting machine. Cricut Design Space contains dozens of fonts, pictures, and ready-to-make designs, and it's the way to go if you want ease. However, many of the designs are costly. You can use your own typography and images in Cricut's software, but if you're just getting started, utilizing readymade SVG files (Scalable Vector Graphics, just a fancy abbreviation for cut files) is much simpler. Free files can be found on sites like Love SVG, Creative Market, and SVG and Me.

4: Weeding Is A Difficult Task.

We're not referring to weeding in the traditional sense. Weeding is the process of removing unwanted fragments of vinyl, paper, or fabric from your created designs. Weeding might be tiring it does not seem to be difficult depending on the complexity of your design and the typography you use. Uplight your work with a lightbox, iPad, or another luminous surface. If you need to weed little parts from paper crafts, a lint roller comes in handy.

5: Vinyl Is Expensive.

Vinyl is, after all, an expensive material. It does not have to be that way! Use colored or ornamental contact sheets instead of branded vinyl, which is much less costly and widely obtainable at craft stores. Likewise, Glad Press's Seal is a cheaper alternative to transfer paper that can be found in almost any grocery shop.

6: It Is Hard To Operate The Cricut Machine?

No, for the most part. But it varies; there is undoubtedly a learning experience, particularly if you're not particularly tech-savvy.

To build up and begin a project, there are various stages that must be followed. Cricut, on the other hand, makes things as simple as possible and creates them right away!

The computer comes with a series of cards that detailed how to link to the electricity in a very straightforward manner. G et the application and make the Cricut ID.

You can begin cutting within minutes after unboxing the package because they contain the resources so you can start working on your very first craft right away!

7: You Need the Experience To Use A Cricut

I don't believe any specific prior expertise is required to begin creating with a Cricut Machine. However, I believe that, like with any artistic project, you must be willing to learn.

You will not be able to master the Cutting machine in the first five minutes of using it. And you will make mistakes since you are learning things.

But, with each job, you will be practicing and improving your machine abilities and confidence! So, instead of becoming discouraged by the unavoidable hiccups, enjoy them!

8:  Computed Is Required To Use The Cricut Machine

Cricut Design SpaceTM is a computer-based software that helps with both Windows and Mac computers.

Most smartphones and other smart devices are compatible with the Cricut Design SpaceTM Application. They also released an Android operating system and based on your system, you can join wirelessly over Bluetooth and disconnect from it.

Includes Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology is included in the Cricut Explore Air, and Cricut Maker. As a result, you can link to them using your smartphone or computer.

Bluetooth adaptor required: To create wirelessly, one needs a Wireless Bluetooth adapter.

9: You Need An Internet Connection To Use A Cricut

You may create and cut products without an online connection using Cricut Design Space (iOS). Use your content offline by downloading it to your device. Cricut Design Space has offline features that allow you to create and cut without internet access.

Furthermore, there is a Cricut Design Space Beta version that you can download on your PC and use offline.

10: Can Cut Few Objects Only

Cricut can cut a wide variety of materials. The following are a few of the most common:

  • Fabric
  • Posterboard 
  • Paper 
  • Vinyl 
  • Cardstock 
  • Iron-On.


I know there is a lot to cover, but I hope this article will clarify any misconceptions you may have and assist you in better grasping what a Cricut Cutting Machine is and how it operates. Finally, the Cricut Machine is a fantastic cutting tool! Don't be discouraged by the lies you've been told; instead, begin making and creating beautiful crafts.