Sobre nosotros

"We want to make it easier for people
who loved crafts to accomplish their creative projects."
Hi, I'm Alex! I love my job! As an owner and designer at TDFcrafty, I never know what I'll get to design next. Glass etching, heat transfer vinyl, wooden signs and so much more! The variety of projects keep work interesting.  There is nothing better than helping someone visualize a design on something they use every day!
Hi, I'm Viktoria!  I've been crafting since I was a child. I started this company because I love making things with my hands! I am very inspired by color, design and materials. My favorite part of this work is getting to see the beautiful creations that come from my designs :)
Founded by Viktoria Volk and Alexandre Dernaucourt, The Digital Files is our passion coming true. As graphic artists, we can combine our love for digital design and crafts to create truly magnificent art.
With ready-to-use graphic designs, now you can skip the design process and get to the fun process of creating your crafts! 
The best part about our website is that it is designed with crafty people in mind, from beginners to expert-level crafters. The Digital Files has a design for you! 
Whether you are looking for a cute card you want to give a loved one, a cup wrap to give your favourite mug a more personalized touch, or you would prefer your own custom SVG design for your T-shirt, pillows, bags, and more, you can definitely count on us!
Our creativity and dedication to using the latest technologies in digital design allow us to truly stand out among the rest and ensure that we always deliver design templates and instructions that will stay in any crafter's heart.